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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zie's World of Crafts, Kids and Clothes - Tester Diaper

The wonderful lady at Zie's World of Crafts, Kids and Clothes on Facebook sent me a tester diaper, so here is a side by side of it next to the BumGenius 4.0 w/ snaps.
Ill do a complete review of the diaper's performance after we have used it a little more, so it gets a fair trial!

Here is the Zie's diaper ( on the left),next to the BG 4.0, snapped on the smallest setting.                                                           
 Here it is, completely unsnapped.  It is a little less than an inch shorter, but slightly wider through the middle.
 Snapped at the smallest setting, side shot:

The inside, fully unsnapped:

The insert, it is 2 pieces, stitched together.  The material that goes on your little one's bottom is a suede like material.
This is the bottom of the insert, it has 2 snaps where it snaps onto the diaper.
The diaper snapped to the smallest rise, with the insert snapped on.  The insert cant be sized, so it laps over the edge some, but it stays in the diaper once you get the diaper fastened on.

The insert snapped on to the diaper while on the Largest rise, there is no opening to this diaper for inserts:
Zie's Diaper On 6 month old:

BG 4.0 on 6 month old (Ill try to replace with a better picture later):

Thanks for Looking!  I look forward to doing an official review after we have put it to use a little more!