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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lunette Cup!

Ok, obviously I suck at keeping up with this blog, but lets put that aside for a minute.

 Ive got to share my excitement for a new product (at least new to me. The Lunette cup. The name sounds so cute , what could it be...?
A menstrual cup. Yep , that's right. Menstrual. Gone are the days of ill fitting tampons , diaper like pads. These are medical grade silicone cups , from Finland. Sounds high tech , huh?
 Here are some tidbits of info:
  Hygienic & Safe Lunette menstrual cup doesn’t absorb moisture like tampons or cause sweating like pads. Lunette is made of soft medical grade silicone, not of rubber latex.
  Economical The average woman spends between $48 – 84 per year on disposable tampons and pads. The Lunette is a one-time cost that will last for years. That saves you a chunk of money!
  Environmentally friendly A Lunette menstrual cup is an eco-thing. It will last for years and during the cup's lifespan, there will be no waste to dispose of – no accumulation of plastic applicators, wrappers or bio-waste from used tampons and pads.

 It also greatly reduces risks of TSS , as the silicone doesn't grow bacteria like tampons can. It can be left in for up to 12 hours (talk about saving on last moment bathroom rushes!)It can be worn overnight. This silicone is FDA approved.
It comes in 2 sizes , one is for those who have given birth or are over 30, the other is for those under 30 who have never given birth. I obviously went with the first option.
 And two of the biggest sellers for me: No more icky trash!!!! So much $$$ saved! One cup will last for years. I can only comfortably use one of the most expensive tampons , so this is a huge plus! Also, some other brands only come in clear, Lunette comes in different colors:
How Does It Work
You fold it over twice (shown in the manual below), and insert. It pops open, creating a seal. When you are ready to remove it, you pinch the bottom to break the seal, and empty contents in the toilet. It has a little 'tail' at the end, which can be left, or cut down to what size you want.

Now, Ive heard about various brands for years , but what always irked me is what you would do in public. After reading some, you simply wipe it out, using the Lunette single wrapped disinfecting wipes (pictured below) , or if the only thing at your disposal is toilet paper, use that. You can give it a good cleaning when you are home. And that means no sneaking around bathrooms with a wad in your hand trying to find a garbage when the feminine trash cans are absent in a stall (or god forbid no can in someones house).

 When you are done with your cycle you boil it ( or some run it through an empty dishwashers sani cycle), put it in its little bag and set aside until the next month.

  My experience: Not much yet. I just received it today and aunt flow has not arrived. I did try it out, and it seems like it will be perfect, it was super easy too insert on one try,definitely seemed to create a suction, the only thing that I could not too noticeably feel was the 'tail', and I can just trim it off. I'll definitely do a full review in a couple of weeks!


The Lunette cup and the box of disinfecting wipes (purchased separtely)
Cute little box, pulls out of a sleeve:
The cup, its little bag, and the instructions:
The Lunette , and the Lunette next to a spool of thread:
Its little carrying bag.
Box of 10 wipes:
The Lunette cup retails for $39.99 , I was able to get it for around $35 on sale at SweetBottomsBaby with free shipping. Visit for more info.

  I bought this product myself and received no compensation for this review.