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Friday, November 4, 2011

Flip Training Pant Is Here!

It arrived a few minutes ago, and a thumbs up to Cottonbabies, I ordered the product (which still says it is a preorder) on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday!  We ordered the new color Mirror, with Clementine tabs.

Now for the pictures....

In packaging:

Straight out of the box,With the Introductory special (Running until the end of Dec or while supplies last), you get 5 organic cotton inserts and 1 cover. :

Inserts showing the front and back:
Insert compared , from Left to Right- Econobum prefold (trifolded), Flip Trainer insert, Bumgenius one size insert. :
Compared to BG 4.0, on the smallest setting:
Compared to BG 4.0 on the medium setting:
Compared on the Largest Setting possible for both:

Side by side , open, on the largest setting:

Pictured of tab removed, has 2 rows to make it tighter or looser:

Picture of the front aplix strip, located under the flap :
Picture of the Back aplix strip:

The insert folded to the Small setting:
You place the strip of aplix against the aplix inside the diaper:
And attach the opposite end of the insert to the strip of aplix on the back:

Insert attached to cover:

Comparison with BG 4.0, both set to small setting, Flip trainer is much trimmer:

Trainer, set to the smallest setting, on my 2 1/2 yr old 26lber:

We have yet to actually use it, so I will do a review as to its performance later.
I will note , although the sizing seems great, and it really is easy to slip on and off, he only wore it for all of 2 minutes, and the insert was bunched up.  We will see how this effects performance after they are washed.

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