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Monday, December 5, 2011

Crafty Party Decorating Ideas!

I've been in the works of helping to plan a baby shower, and although I can't post all of the cute things I have seen (I dont want to give away the theme!), I thought I'd share a couple!

These hanging Pom Poms look very easy to make, and would be great for any party!

I found that picture on

I found this picture HERE, along with the instructions.

I also found this banner, It looks extremely easy to make, and you could find some different BOLD materials to make it as upbeat as you want!  It looks as simple as cutting out triangles, using zigzagged scissors to give them the edges, and punching holes to run a ribbon through them.

I found these HERE.

Thanks for Looking!!

If you have seen any other crafty party ideas, Please comment and post a link!!!

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