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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Diapers Are Here!

I ordered some diapers from the other day, a Bumgenius 4.0 artist series and 2 Bumgenius AIOs (all in ones), and I just found them in the mailbox!  They are washing right now, but in my excitement I thought I would do an 'unboxing' of the Bumgenius 4.0 below!

The newest additions to our 'family':
Now, the Bumgenius Chelsea Perry Artist Series in 'Retail Therapy' Print-
In packaging:

 The front:
Inside, inserts nicely packaged:

Back, with Chelsea Perry logo:
Front, unsnapped. You can see the double rowed snaps to snap the top, along with the 3 rows of snaps to adjust the rise to small , medium, or large:

The Stay dry inserts, 1 one size that snaps down to size, and then the newborn insert/doubler for heavy wetters and overnight use:

The inside, the flap covers the opening to the pocket, to prevent the insert from poking out and wicking moisture onto their clothes:

The pocket, to stuff the insert in to:

Side view,stuffed with one size insert:

So far it looks just beautiful!
Ill add a picture of Landon wearing it once we get it washed and dried.
And Ill review it and the AIOs later on.


  1. I have and LOVE that diaper! We got it in our Cotton Babies mystery box from Black Friday. It's the only BG Chloe is allowed to wear anytime other than overnight; it's too pretty to keep under jammies!

  2. Isn't it tho!? It's my first 4.0, my others are 3.0s and I much prefer the snaps over aplix.