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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Artisan bread in 5 minutes!

Ok, first of all, I must apologize for not keeping up with this as I had planned.  Its been a busy few months, we bought a house!  That will be a separate post tho, right now I have to share this.
   Wow!  How did I not know about this!?  I came across someone elses blog that mentioned this, and I looked up the website. This is amazing!

   It's a dough that takes less than 5 mins to make. You literally just mix your flour , yeast, salt and water in a big container. Let it rise. Then you have dough you can keep in the fridge up to 2 weeks!  It really rivals Panera, just a touch softer (which in my opinion is a good thing!).  I was skeptical to try it,  Bread that requires no work?  How good will that be?  Try it!
  We have so far made a loaf , and buns for hamburgers with it.

The recipe and instructions:
Artisan Bread in Five a Day

Here are my pictures.
The initial rise:

The loaf:

The rolls:

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