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Thursday, January 24, 2013

*Weekly Meal Planning*

I'm getting back on track this week, we really did eat last week, but we had snow days so our meal plan was all over the place! 

This week I'm going with an easier menu, I'm getting a little burnt out with cooking for what feels like hours every afternoon. I think a week or two of easier but healthy meals will take a load off of me, and we can all use that sometimes, right?

{ Roasted chicken with herbed quinoa and green beans. }

{ Spelt pasta with garlic marinara and chicken meatballs, with a salad. }

{ Quinoa with black beans, corn , onion, avocado and salsa.  }

{ Black bean and sweet potato chili over quinoa. (We will probably have leftovers on a night that is rushed.) }

{ Salad with grilled chicken, avocado, cucumber, tossed with some of the black bean and corn quinoa. }

{ Vegetarian hot dogs with broccoli. }

{ Ground chicken burgers on homemade buns with baked sweet potato fries. }

    For breakfasts we will be having oatmeal, cereal, and Greek yogurt pancakes.  Check out this recipe for the pancakes, they are GREAT!  ( Thin the batter out a little with some almond milk, milk, water, what have you...)

For lunches, the kids will eat PB sandwiches of various sorts (jelly, banana, honey..) Mac and cheese, fruit, crackers, etc.   We aren't very creative for lunch.

I will have curry chicken salad on flax crackers or a protein shake.   Check out the curry chicken salad recipe here :

And that is that! 

On a separate note ,  my almost 4 year old has been enrolled for pre K this fall!  How time flies!  When he was born it seemed like an eternity before we would be thinking about school, and now it's right around the corner.   Thankfully, of my two boys, he will be the easiest when it comes to starting school.  He begs to go all the time!   And I'm getting excited, looking at little backpacks, lunch boxes, snack bags, lunch ideas..
It's going to be a whole new world for both of us!
Look at that cute face... 

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